Hans Kmoch

Hans Kmoch ( born July 25, 1894 in Vienna, † February 14, 1973 in New York City ) was an emigre in the United States Austrian chess master and chess journalist.

Life and work

In 1921 he won with Josef Krejcik by a shared first place in the main tournament of the Austrian Chess Federation Master title. The mid-1920s he also attracted international attention with good results. He won in 1925 in Debrecen an international tournament, announced in 1926 in Budapest 3rd and 4th 1930, he won well occupied tournaments in Vienna and Ebensee. 1927, 1930 and 1931 he represented Austria at the Chess Olympiad. Since 1932 he lived in the Netherlands. In 1934 he took together with Max Euwe participated in a Soviet tournament in Leningrad, where he shared space 7 and 8.

His best historical Elo rating of 2664, he reached in April 1941.

Since then, he had started a chess professional career, he was also active as a journalist. He reported for chess and newspapers around the world from the international chess events. By Georg Marco, he took over the chess column in the Neues Wiener Journal. He also wrote for the Viennese chess newspaper and was known for his parodies of well-known chess master. In 1930 he published a supplementary volume to that of Bilguer founded by Paul Rudolph manual of chess. He benefited from the fact that he put Albert Becker his extensive opening file available.

Kmoch was Sekundant of Alexander Alekhine during his world championship fights against Efim Bogolyubov and tournament director during the World Cup campaign against Alekhine Max Euwe 1935.

After the outbreak of the Second World War emigrated Kmoch, who was married to a Jewess, in the United States. Here he worked for chess magazines such as Chess Life and Chess Review. 1950 FIDE awarded him the International Master title in 1951 and an International referee.

A lasting name Kmoch made ​​by its still valued books.

Literature (selection )

  • The Art of Defense, Berlin / Leipzig 1927
  • Supplement to the Manual of Chess by Bilguer for the years 1916-1929, Berlin / Leipzig in 1930
  • Rubinstein wins!, Vienna 1933
  • Diary from the competition Alekhine - Euwe, Vienna 1936
  • The Art of Pawn. Siegfried Engelhardt, Berlin 1956


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