Hans Lutz

Hans Lutz (born 31 March 1949 in Stuttgart ) is a retired German racing cyclist, who was particularly successful as a track cyclist. Lutz was Olympic champion and four times world champion and in the 1970s one of the world's best railway pursuers.

At the 1972 Summer Olympics Lutz was considered a favorite in the 4000m individual pursuit, but only won the bronze medal. 1973, 1974 and 1975, Hans Lutz became world champion with the West German train four times in a row. Lutz, Peter Vonhof and Günther Schumacher were involved in every title, supplemented in 1973 by Günter Haritz, 1974 by Dietrich Thurau and 1975 by Gregory Braun. 1974 Lutz was also world champion in the individual pursuit. With the Summer Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976 the gold four of his favorite role was just and hit in the cast Braun, Lutz, Schumacher and Vonhof in the final the team of the USSR. 1977, the foursome with Lutz was again runner-up.

The train of four, the "flagship" of the track cycling, was trained by Gustav Kilian, a specialist in discovering Followers talents.

Lutz, who also won eight national titles, is married and has three children. The Swabian now lives in Altdorf and runs an agency that organizes cycling events and various products marketed.