Hans-Peter Ferner

Hans -Peter Ferner ( born June 6, 1956 in Neuburg an der Donau) is a German former middle-distance runner, who specializes in the 800 -meter distance.

1978 different Hans -Peter Ferner at the European Athletics Championships in Prague in the intermediate run in fifth place in 1:47,4 min. In 1979 he won at the Universiade in 1:49,77 min bronze. In addition was also the fictional squad for the Olympic Games in 1980, but which was set up without any chance of participation, because the Federal Government and the National Olympic Committee had opted for an Olympic boycott.

After addition was made ​​in 1982 at the Indoor Athletics Championships in Milan sixth, he could also qualify for the European Championships in Athens in the summer. Here he won in 1:46,33 min completely surprising the gold medal ahead of Sebastian Coe, while the more -ranked Willi Wülbeck only Last was.

At the World Athletics Championships 1983 in Helsinki Wülbeck and Far reached both the finals again. While Wülbeck won, finished seventh in addition 1:45,74 min. At the 1984 Olympics Furthermore eliminated in the semifinals.

1979, 1981 and 1984, he was German indoor champion in the 800 meters. 1981 to 1987 he was German champion in the 4 x 800 - meter relay with MTV Ingolstadt. About 800 meters outdoors is placed Furthermore, from 1978 to 1987 every year in the top four runners, six times he finished second. Master, however, was always to 1983 Willi Wülbeck, but then could also excluded himself from Axel Harries and Peter Brown.

Hans -Peter addition is 1,76 m tall and weighed 72 kg in his playing days.


  • 400 m: 46.98 s, August 8, 1979, Augsburg
  • 800 m: 1:44,93 min, May 21, 1983 Fürth Hall: 1:46,56 min, February 16, 1985, Dortmund