Hans Seyffer

Hans Seyfer, also known as Hans Seyffer and master Hans von Heilbronn known ( * 1460 in Sinsheim, † 1509 in Heilbronn ) was a late Gothic sculptor and woodcarver.


Little is known about his life. The earliest works attributed Seyfer show relations with the Upper Swabian and Alsatian art, so that he probably received his artistic imprint there. Presumably, he was among the artists who from 1484 pictorial decoration of the Worms Domkreuzgangs created, where he could also have been influenced by Master Hans von Worms. 1498 created Seyfer the main altar of the Church of St. Kilian in Heilbronn, 1501, the Crucifixion, the Stuttgart Leonhardskirche.

1502 Hans Seyfer received the civil rights of Heilbronn. His civil rights were associated with various perks that give an indication of a high appreciation of the artist on the part of the city. In 1505 he created a stone crucifix was erected in front of the gate Sülmer in Heilbronn, but of which has been preserved only the head of the crucified Christ. 1506 Seyfer received the Order of St. Anne's Fraternity in Heilbronn Kilianskirche for a carved Anna panel. This order is the only documentary evidence that he was actually also a wood carver. Around the same time, he also received an order for a Mount of Olives in the cloister of the Speyer Cathedral, whose main characters are well developed to 1508. He has only partially completed, as he died in 1509 before his planned relocation to Speyer and in the documents his brother Lenhart S ( e) yfer is called as a foreman of the 1511 completed the Mount of Olives The Mount of Olives.

Seyfer also Syfer or only master Hans is mentioned in the documents.


Many works of art in the southwest German churches are attributed Seyfer or his circle:

  • Main altar of the Church of St. Kilian in Heilbronn ( 1498)
  • Crucifixion group in Leonhard Cemetery in Stuttgart ( 1501), which is now seen in the Hospital Church in Stuttgart
  • Entombment in the Oswald Church in Stuttgart ( 1502)
  • Head of Christ (fragment of a crucifix ), Städtische Museen Heilbronn ( 1505)
  • Mount of Olives in the Speyer Cathedral (1506-1509)
  • Mount of Olives, which is only preserved in residues on the southern outer wall of the choir Regiswindis Church in Lauffen ( 1507 )
  • Crucifix of the Church of St. James in brackish Home
  • Crucifix in the Protestant Church of Neckarzimmern
  • Crucifix in the Protestant Church of Neckarmühlbach
  • Crucifix in the Protestant Church of Gemmingen
  • Crucifix in the Protestant Church of Eutingen
  • Altar of the Evangelical Church of the Holy Cross, St. Peter and Genevieve ( Ellhofen )


  • November 29, 2002 until January 26, 2003: Hans Seyfer - Sculptor of the Neckar and the Rhine in 1500, exhibition in the Sculpture Museum of the City Museums Heilbronn in Heilbronn Kilianskirche