Hans von Burghausen

Hans von Burghausen ( * 1350-1360 in Burghausen, † August 10 1432 in Landshut; actually Hanns Purghauser ) was a German builder of the late Gothic period. In the older literature it was often mistakenly equated with Hans Stethaimer or Hans Krumenauer.

Hans von Burghausen probably learned his craft at the Vienna Bauhütte. He built St. Martin's Church in Landshut decisively, the choir of the Franciscan church in Salzburg, the churches of St. Nicholas in Neuoetting, St. Jakob in Straubing and St. Jakob in Wasserburg am Inn and many other smaller buildings, including the St. Barbara Chapel in Merano. His main work of the Holy Spirit Church is viewed in Landshut. Characteristics of its construction were hall- churches and low, set in the buttresses chapels. As building material he used brick. The towers of its churches go from a square base in an octagonal ground plan. Major inspiration for his work was a building of the 14th century, built by Heinrich Parler Holy Cross Minster of Schwäbisch Gmünd. There you will find the features that were exemplary for Hans von Burghausen: very tall and slender circular columns and the polygonal plan with ambulatory. The transition from the basilica design for hall church is particularly apparent in the Landshut hospital church, a very steep one-story building with windows that still emphasize the verticality. The polygonal chancel is terminated by a single pillar, which flows around the apse window behind it with light.

The inscription on his epitaph reads:

Anno. dni. m. cccc. xxxii.

Died. hanns. stainmezz. in.

The laurentii, maister of the

Kirchn VND VND czu hospital

In salczburg cze cze Oting

Strawbi ( n ) g VND cze bass ( he ) bu (r ) k

( In the year of our Lord 1432 / died Hans Steinmetz am / Laurentiustag, Master of / church and the hospital and / Salzburg to Ötting to / Straubing and Wasserburg the goodness / mercy )