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Hansa Park (own writing: " HANSA- PARK ") is a seasonal amusement park in Sierksdorf ( Schleswig -Holstein) on the Baltic Sea. The park is owned by the family and is lightweight by Christoph Andreas Leicht (* 1962) performed. Today, the park covers 460,000 sqm, with more than 125 attractions and has every year more than one million visitors. He ranks among the five largest German leisure parks.

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On the grounds, first created in 1973 the first German Legoland was built by the builder Hans Peter elm. From 28 million plastic building blocks of the Danish toy manufacturer Lego entire cities have been reconstructed in miniature of Rüdesheim am Rhein to the skyline of New York. Manager was Carl M. Wenzel ( founder of today Wenzel Consulting AG) and marketing manager Paul Bornscheuer (former owner of the amusement park Verden and Speaker of the elm -Holding AG Trustbau ). This theme park was only until the end of 1976, due to the high license fees to the Lego Group and the moderate number of visitors. In 1976, Legoland was closed and liquidated the Rüsters German Family Park GmbH. Landesbank Schleswig -Holstein (LB Kiel) Legoland project was co-financed with about 30 million DM ( 15.3 million euro ) and now had to manage the park in trust the task.


New owner was Rudolf Erich light. He earned the park with the help of two investors, Countess Dagmar Vitzthum ( born Flick and daughter of Otto -Ernst Flick and then married to Wolfgang Graf Vitzthum ) and her maternal uncle Karl Raabem, in autumn 1976. Participation to the DM 10 million have amounted to.

Together with the first Managing Director Horst Hamel mountain, a new concept has been designed with the theme of " maritime Hanse ". This included a change to the payment system. In Legoland had to be paid individually or for any driving attraction, in Hansaland the inclusive system was gradually introduced. Once paid admission all shows and rides can often be taken in any claim. Many of the old attractions from the Legoland could be taken. You only got a new look and everything reminded her of Lego has been removed. On May 15, 1977, the Hansaland opened. The first novelty the first flume was opened in Germany on 21 July 1977.

Opened in 1978, which at that time the largest and most modern dome - dolphinarium in Europe with 1,400 seats. Dolphins, however, were presented by the park already in the opening year, in a small show room, which was located behind the western town.

In 1979, the expansion of the western town " Bonanza City " as well as the inauguration of a round theater with giant screen, 70mm projection. In 1987 Ronny's Pop Show was shown in this movie, a stage adaptation of the eponymous TV show that ran on ZDF. Were shown music videos and skits that were played by a monkey ( voiced by Otto Waalkes ). However, the show ran for only one year, the following year round cinema films were shown again. The circular theater was demolished in 1989 for construction of the Metroliner again.

1980, the opening of the Super - Rollercoasters Nessie with a vertical loop. Nessie is at that time the biggest roller coaster in Europe and was built by the now legendary roller coaster Bauer Anton Schwarzkopf. The facility is now one of the classics in the park.

In 1981, the giant swing boat is opened, now called the plant " Flying Dutchman ".

In 1982, the show program will be expanded. The Dolphinarium is now the opening act, a sea lion show and in the show hall a Dog Revue.

1983, the construction of a theater show starts with 2,800 seats. With the opening of 3D cinemas in 1992, with the installation of folding seats in the lower rows, the number of seats was reduced to 1800. In the inaugural season of the show theater 1984 by Frank Elstner the inventor and damaligem moderator of the television show Wetten, dass. a show called "Wetten fun " presents. In the show were candidates from the Fernsehsehshow on their bet had lost there and who received at Hansa Park a second chance. However, this show ran only during the main summer season. In the postseason animal shows were shown. At this concept two more years still was being held. In the next two years Wim Thoelke and Michael Schanze occurred (children's nonsense with Michael ), in each case during the summer months with their own shows. For these summer shows each had to buy a seat reservation. Only since 1987, the shows will run through the entire season and there will be no more room reservation. 1987 and 1988 this was an illusion show with the illusion artist "Mr. Cox ". 1989 and 1990 was followed by a show which consisted of a mixture of theater and circus. 1997 was again an illusion show and during the other years was a variety show shown.

In 1986, the water ride " Super Splash" was opened. This is a year later expanded with a ski jump.


In 1987, the " Hansaland " in " Hansa-Park " was renamed and including the 100 -meter-high flagpole rotating cabin steel tower, called Holstein Tower, opened.

1989 built the Hansa Park the Metroliner, a generator driven by electric motors train, the railway line is a one into the night. The plant has now been identified, is called " El Paso Express" and belongs to the Mexican theme. The Metroliner was built on the foundations of the old round theater. Thus, the current control room is the former projection room.

Since 1994, the Hansa-Park waives dolphin shows. Since then, only sea lions are shown in the dolphinarium, which was renamed in water circus.

1997 for about 15 million DM, the park grounds expanded, and with the " Pirate Land ", a new subject area built. For new thematic area included the acquisition of the authentic replica of the Columbus ship Nina, once the jewel of an exhibition in Berlin's Martin -Gropius -Bau. The roller coaster Crazy Mine in " Adventureland " was newly built in 1997, the system is discussed in the style of an old coal mine and is also in the new part of the park.

2006, a high ropes course was opened as the " Navajo Trail " to Europe's highest and largest high ropes course of its kind ( Skytrail ) was further developed in an amusement park in 2008.

As the first German theme park in the Hansa-Park 2007 received the seal of approval " OK for Kids " by the German Child Protection Association and TÜV Nord for the entire park.


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Shows and Events

  • Variety show
  • Water Circus with John Burke's Seelöwenshow
  • Open-air theater
  • 4D cinema
  • Laser Show
  • Parade
  • Parade of Lights and fireworks every day the last two weeks at the end of the season

Every year on the season various events and activities spread instead. The every year the events taking place include the Easter Bunny and Easter flowers festival, summer flower festival, the time of shadow beings Festival or the "Autumn Magic by the Sea".

Hansa- Park Resort

From 2007, the first of 109 planned apartments were built in Scandinavian style and formed the " Hansa- Park Resort by the Sea" next to the Hansa-Park and behind the railway line. It is planned that takes visitors on a 33-meter long pedestrian bridge and a replica of a 24-meter- tall red lighthouse from the resort to Hansa-Park. Bridge and lighthouse have already been built, but so far only to enter from the park, a transition to the resort is currently not possible. Operators in cooperation with the Hansa-Park is the holiday park SARCON GmbH, based in Hamburg. SARCON was in June 2006 by the Dutch Roompot Service BV accepted based in Kamper country.