Haousa (also Haouza or Hawza, al - Hawza الحوزة Arabic, al - HAUZA DMG ) is a town in the northern part of Western Sahara. How much of the Western Sahara is occupied the place of Morocco.

In Haousa 8,769 inhabitants ( 2004) live. 1994 were counted only 2940 inhabitants. The population has risen so much in a short time. As part of the Western Sahara conflict mines were planted in the area around Haousa, still pose a danger to people.

In October 1975, the Spanish military withdrew from Haousa. The place then was in the hands of the Saharawi liberation movement Polisario Front. In connection with the so-called Green March then moved on October 31, 1975 Moroccan military also apply to Haousa. There were battles in which the Moroccan army initially had the upper hand. Later, the area was, however, of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) and its military arm, the POLISARIO controlled. At times Haousa was provisional capital of DARS. 1984 succeeded in Morocco to take the city.

27.0814 - 11.14329Koordinaten: 27 ° 5 ' N, 11 ° 9' W

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