Happily Ever After (2004 film)

  • Charlotte Gainsbourg: Gabrielle
  • Yvan Attal: Vincent
  • Alain Chabat: Georges
  • Alain Cohen: Fred
  • Emmanuelle Seigner: Nathalie
  • Angie David: Beloved
  • Anouk Aimée: Mother of Vincent
  • Claude Berri: Father of Vincent
  • Aurore Clément: mother of the beloved by Vincent
  • Marie -Sophie Wilson: Florence
  • Stéphanie Murat: Géraldine
  • Johnny Depp: Stranger

Happily Ever After (Original Title: Ils se marièrent et Eurent beaucoup d'enfants ) is a French comedy film directed by Yvan Attal from the year 2004.


The film deals with the lives of three of friendly mid-forties. The focus is Vincent, his wife and son loves it, but nevertheless has a lover who is also very important to him. His friend Georges always argues with his wife Nathalie, marriage is in a kind of permanent crisis, the mood between the two heats up and marriage is a kick. Another friend Vincent, Fred, is a womanizer, but he longs for a family, according to a woman waiting for him at home. So everyone is a little jealous of each other's lives.

Gabrielle meets in a music store a stranger with whom she flirts. However, they missed the chance to speak to him, and he disappears and leaves her depressed. A little later it is revealed that her husband Vincent is cheating. Then it becomes clear that Gabrielle knows this, even though he has not told her yet.

The plot jumps between different levels of time back and forth. Thus one sees Gabrielle, who offers his own apartment as a broker. You remember how Vincent picks up his son for the weekend of Gabrielle from this apartment, which obviously then his ex-wife. Then Gabrielle reminiscent of an even earlier time when she lived with Vincent in the apartment together. They eat together, suddenly they throw left out with food and start a pillow fight. In the apartment you can see numerous food marks on the walls. The spouses love each other in bed.

Gabrielle makes then leave alone with her son. She explains her situation to a stranger, with whom she has indeed previously flirted, but she also makes it clear that she does not want to betray her husband likewise. Back home, she emancipated herself further from her husband, and seek out a house on the land.

Vincente's mistress Gabrielle learns by chance know and recognize who she is. This makes them very - which is why they also Vincent tells later that the situation has become unbearable for them.

Gabrielle and Vincent move into the house in the country, he meets still continue with his mistress.

Georges and his wife conceive in silent agreement that the arguments get their marriage alive, and are content. Fred learns that he is father, and although he does not love the woman he is looking forward to his child.

Gabrielle meets the stranger in the elevator again, they should show a flat. You will drive to the top; First you see the walls of houses in the background, then the sky, indicating that everything happens only in the imagination or the Gabrielle's journey leads symbolically in a " heavenly " future. Gabrielle and the stranger kiss in the end.


The film was shot in Paris and Marrakech. The costume designer Jacqueline Bouchard. The film had its world premiere on 14 May 2004 at the Film Festival of Cannes. On 14 September 2004, he was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film was shown in cinemas in the individual United States, where he recorded about 252,000 U.S. dollars. In France, he recorded a total of approximately 881,000 moviegoers.


Ruthe Stein wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle of 17 June 2005, the film ask the same questions as Indecent Proposal, but the answers are far more realistic. The role of played by Emmanuelle Seigner character was poorly written or exaggerating with their game; they bring the film a false note.

The lexicon of the International film wrote that the film was a " lively up biting comedy" that " intelligently designed " was. The actors are convincing.

Rotten Tomatoes wrote the film as good representations, but wit and charm would be missing him.