Happy Hardcore

Happy Hardcore (short: HHC ) is a, in contrast to the normal Hardcore Techno, " cheerful " style, which has still a high speed (typically 160 to 180 BPM). Typical of many happy hardcore tracks are fast Pianohooklines, breakbeat elements and female vocals. The latter are hochgepitcht with some older tracks and often from well-known pop songs. The stylistic devices used in Happy Hardcore vary, however, and are heavily dependent on when and where a track was produced. So also happy breakbeat tracks and irritating as frequently be happy tracks that do not contain hardcore techno beats, as Happy Hardcore referred.


The origins of " Happy Hardcore " in the UK. There emerged in the early 1990s hardcore, a music style that is influenced equally by techno, reggae and hip -hop. By 1993, this music split into a number of styles and Others Jungle ( later became drum and bass ) and Happy Hardcore. British Happy Hardcore resembled his relatives originally very Jungle: polyrhythmic percussion samples ( breakbeat ), very deep bass glissandierende, usually no whipped by beat. However, in addition it contained " cheerful " style elements that were missing in the Jungle: syncopated electric pianos, areas, pitched vocal samples. A label that is known for this kind of Happy Hardcore is Luna -C Kniteforce Records.

While this style of music was popular especially in England, harder music was preferred in Scotland. So it was that the music producer Scott Brown Dutch hardcore techno to the UK "imported " and enriched with the aforementioned stylistic devices of Happy Hardcore: Bouncy Techno (one in the scene but not much broadened concept ) was born. Due to the presence of Scott Brown in the Dutch scene, this music was also popular there. Many Dutch music producers like Paul Elstak and The Prophet produced alongside regular hardcore techno and happy hardcore. In a further stage of development, this music became a chart -grade style, which many of the harder style of hardcore techno means completely missing: In Continental Europe there was now a music style called " Happy Hardcore ".

However, the music of Scott Brown also showed a strong effect in British Happy Hardcore Scene: The breakbeats disappeared and gave way to beats in 4/4 (also called " Four to the floor ") and the popular in Holland distorted hardcore kick drum dominated from then on many tracks. The result is a style of music that the continental Happy Hardcore is very similar, and the roots in the hardcore are barely noted. The two currents have thus practically united.

A special role was played at that time Germany. There was never a happy hardcore scene movement, this music was produced instead consistently commercially. Acts such as Scooter and flowers produced several happy hardcore chart hits. Usually, however, those tracks contained no typical hardcore techno beat. Other representatives of the " softer" Happy Hardcore were Dune, Dolls United, The module, DJ Paul Elstak, Party Animals, Gabber Piet and Hakkûhbar. In the years 1995 to 1997 there was a real happy- hardcore boom in large parts of Europe. In this context, the collective term rave was widespread.

During Happy Hardcore rapidly disappeared in continental Europe since 1997 out of the picture, the music direction remained in the UK continue to be popular, continued to develop in the underground and formed another sub-genres such as FreeForm. However, the perceived by many as childish name " Happy Hardcore " has been replaced since the turn of the millennium by " UK Hardcore ".

Typical style tracks

  • Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - This Christmas
  • Stingray & Sonic Driver - As Cold As Ice (El Bruto Mix)
  • The Prophet - Big Boys Do not Cry
  • 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It
  • Bass -D & King Matthew - Overdose
  • DJ Stompy - I Believe
  • Dougal - Life Is Like A Dance (DJ Storm Remix)
  • DJ Justice - My Love (Remix)
  • Vinylgroover - So Good
  • DJ Sharpnel - Torinouta (Noise Rave Remix) (Remix by The Speed ​​Freak )
  • Dougal & Gammer - Guitar Hero
  • DJ Paul Elstak - Luv U More

Famous Artists

  • Al Storm
  • Breeze
  • Brisk
  • Blümchen (Jasmin Wagner)
  • Darren Styles
  • DJ Buzz Fuzz
  • DJ Gammer
  • DJ Hixxy
  • DJ Paul Elstak
  • DJ Seduction
  • DJ Sy
  • Dougal
  • Luna -C
  • DJ Waxweazle
  • Re -Con
  • S3RL
  • Scott Brown
  • Scooter
  • Slipmatt
  • Squad -E
  • Styles & Breeze
  • Sy & Unknown
  • Ultra Vibes
  • Vinylgroover