Happy Meal

The Happy Meal is a children's menu at McDonald's. It usually contains also a toy.


The history of the Happy Meals begins in 1977 in St. Louis. The adman Dick Brams, who worked for the pride Advertising Company and the Bernstein -Rein advertising agency, came up with the idea to create a children's menu. Under the name of McDonaldland Fun -To- Go is the pride Advertising Company developed a concept, the product was sold in some McDonald's restaurants. For this purpose, some commercials have been shot with the mascot Ronald McDonald and published. The first toy additions were characters from the arcade classic Space Invaders.

The concept was reworked and renamed as a result. In June 1979, the Happy Meal was first sold under the name Kansas City. The toy line Circus Wagon Happy Meal was sold in Kansas City, the series McDonaldland Fun- To-Go in St. Louis. The buyers could choose between the McDoodler eraser pen, a puzzle book, a McWrist wallet, an ID bracelet or McDonaldland character. In December 1979 Happy Meal campaigned for the feature film Star Trek: The Motion Picture with the proper name Star Trek Meal. From 1980, the Happy Meal also contained Disney toys. Among the series of collaboration with Disney included the Happy Masterpiece Collection, Bambi Happy Meal and The Little Mermaid Happy Meal.

From 1993, also bought the McDonald's rival Burger King Disney licenses for the Burger King Kids ' Club. 2007 McDonald's finally completely lost the rights to the Disney licenses because the contract was not renewed. In Germany, the Happy Meal was called and April 1999 Junior bag.


With a Happy Meal following compositions are possible:

  • Main course: a hamburger, a cheeseburger, a Chicken Mc Nuggets McFish or 4
  • Supplement: a small portion of fries or a side salad ( "Snack Salad Classic" )
  • Drink: soft drink (your choice) or organic milk
  • Fruit Kick: a serving of sliced ​​apples ( " organic apple bag " ), an organic yogurt drink, a piece of melon or a bag of fruit puree ( "fruit - nonsense " )
  • A toy