Harald Haarmann

Harald Haarmann (* 1946 ) is a German language and culture scholar and author.


Harald Haarmann studied general linguistics, various philological individual disciplines and prehistory at the Universities of Hamburg, Bonn, Coimbra and Bangor. He taught and researched at various German and Japanese universities and is a member of the research team from the Research Centre on Multilingualism (Brussels). Since 2003 he has been Vice President of the Institute of Archaeomythology ( headquartered in Sebastopol, USA) and Director of its European branch (based in Finland).

Harald Haarmann has authored more than 40 books in English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, nearly 200 articles and essays in ten languages. He has published around 20 anthologies. His preferred areas of research are cultural and linguistic contacts, text history, language evolution, Archäomythologie and religious history.

For his work he was awarded the Prix logos (1999 ) of the Association européenne of the professeurs linguistes et de langues (Paris) and the Premio Jean Monnet (1999) in the field of essay literature. 2006, the Plato Award awarded him.

Harald Haarmann lives and works in Finland.


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