Harald Quandt

Harald Quandt ( born 1 November 1921 in Berlin -Charlottenburg, † September 22, 1967 ) was a German industrialist from the Quandt family.


Harald Quandt was the son of the industrialist Günther Quandt from his marriage to Magda Ritschel, who was married in second marriage with Joseph Goebbels.

Harald Quandt grew after the divorce of his parents with his mother, but always maintained friendly relations with her ​​ex- husband upright. In 1940 he volunteered for the paratroopers in May 1941 and took part in the Airborne Battle of Crete. Quandt fought in Russia and later in Italy, most recently with the rank of lieutenant. In 1944, he got in combat in the battle of Monte Cassino in Italy seriously wounded in British captivity. After his release from prison and his return to Germany he studied mechanical engineering at the Technical Universities of Hannover and Stuttgart and was a graduate engineer.

Through her ​​father's death in 1954, Herbert and Harald Quandt inherited a conglomerate of companies investments, among other things, the accumulators -Fabrik AG (AFA ), later VARTA, and other companies. Here, Harald focused on the range armor with the " industry Karlsruhe AG ", whose chairman he was. He held at the Busch-Jäger AG, Düren Metalworks Ltd and the Mauser Oberndorf works more board position. In VARTA he was Chairman of the Board and at Daimler- Benz AG ordinary member of the Supervisory Board.

End of 50er/Anfang 60s the enthusiastic private pilot was volunteer for several years president of the German Aero Club, the Federation of German air sports clubs and at the time representing the interests of general aviation aircraft (General Aviation ). Quandt operational from September 1961 the first civil certified in Germany business jet, a four-seat Morane- Saulnier MS- 760B Paris II, German type certification on October 15, 1960 according to Chronicle of the German Luftfahrt-Bundesamt ( LBA), with the registration D - RINGS.

Since 1951, Harald Quandt was married to Inge von Halem Quandt (born Bandekow, November 18, 1928 - December 24, 1978 ), the daughter of the company's General Counsel, with whom he had five daughters: Katarina Geller ( born 1951 ), Gabriele Quandt Langenscheidt (* 1952), Anette May- Thies (* 1954), Colleen - Bettina Rosenblat - Mo ( b. 1962 ) and Patricia Halterman ( * 1967, † 2005).

Harald Quandt was born on September 22, 1967 in a plane crash with a company aircraft of the type " King Air A90 " on a night flight from Frankfurt to Nice lost their lives. At the wheel was a replacement pilot, who had stepped in at short notice and the machine is probably not yet fully mastered. Apparently, the entire on-board electronics had failed along with the radios so that the pilots flew into a mountain near Cuneo (Italy). The accident remains enigmatic. The asset share of Harald Quandt is now managed by an asset management company that is controlled by his daughters (or their descendants). After his death his wife was romantically involved with the first television journalist Rainer Günzler. In 1976 she married Hans - Hilman von Halem (April 8, 1932 - December 26, 1978 ).


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