Haraldssund ( Danish name: Haraldsund ) is a place of the Faroe Islands in the North Island Kunoy. It is on the same strait Haraldssund.

  • Population: 77 (as of 1 January 2007)
  • Postal Code: FO -785
  • Municipality: Kunoyar municipal

Haraldssund is located on the east coast of Kunoy and is connected to the place Kunoy on the West Coast through a tunnel. From Haraldsund a causeway leads eastwards to the island Borðoy with the regional center Klaksvík. Both the tunnel and the dam were not built until the late 80s.

1860 were in place five houses. According to its name, the families were named who lived here:

  • Har Uttari
  • Har Innari
  • Suðuri Har ( Har Suður )
  • Á Gørðum
  • Bygningurin

Two kilometers to the south is a small ruin. It is said that formerly existed here has a colony of Dutch settlers.

From Haraldssund an easy trail along the southern tip of the island leads just above the lake to Kunoy place. This used to be the only land connection before tunneling. Another trail also runs along the shore to the north in the abandoned place Skarð.

Traditionally Haraldssund was the place where every year the Kyndilsmessa ( Candlemas on February 2 ) was held. In the 1980s an attempt was made to revive this tradition, but did not succeed because of the relatively remote location of the village. In 2007 they now try again to invite the Faroes after Haraldssund where there should be Faroese dance.


  • Rasmus Magnussen (1560-1670), was 110 years old and with 103 again father