Harburg Hills


The Harburg Hills form a maximum of 154.9 m above sea level. NHN high mountain range in the district of Harburg, in Lower Saxony, spanning the foothills to the south of Hamburg. Your northern part is called ( The ) Black Mountains and their southern Lohberge. Seen Geomorphologically they provide a resulting in the Saale ice age terminal moraine Represents the wooded area is a popular recreational area.



The Harburg Hills to the northwest of the Lüneburg Heath and south of the old country; their southern range in the Lüneburg Heath Nature Park. Geographical center of the hills is the book Holzer Triangle of federal highways 1 and 261 in the Lower Saxon town of Rosengarten unit.

The Harburg Hills borders with its northern edge at the Hamburg districts Neugraben- Fischbek, house broken, home field, and Eißendorf Marmstorf ( in the district of Harburg). The rest area is located in the district of Harburg, in Lower Saxony. In the east the Lüneburg Heath close the unit Seevetal community, in the southeast, the places Handeloh, wave and otters in the south, Tostedt and beech in the North Heath in the south-west, Coquille and Beckendorf in the West as well as Neu Wulmstorf the northwest by. The ridge is surrounded by the rivers of Seeve the east and the Este in the West.

Nature Spatial allocation

The Harburg Hills belong to the geography major unit group Lüneburg Heath (No. 64) in the main unit Hohe Heide (640 ) and the subunit Wilsede end moraines ( 640.0 ) for natural space Schwarze Berge ( 640.00 ).


Among the Harburg low mountain - sorted by height in meters ( m) above mean sea level ( MSL; unless otherwise called out loud):

  • Hülsberg ( ⊙ 53.4092777777789.8685416666667; 154.9 m), district of Harburg
  • Gannaberg ( ⊙ 53.3972805555569.8673027777778; 150.0 m), district of Harburg
  • Brunswick Mountain ( ⊙ 53.3003888888899.8321111111111; approximately 129 m ), district of Harburg
  • Kiekeberg ( ⊙ 53.4361111111119.8982222222222; 127.1 m), district of Harburg, Black Mountains
  • Hassel brackish ( ⊙ 53.430259.8639722222222; 116.2 m), highest peak in Hamburg at the border to Lower Saxony
  • Fistelberge ( ⊙ 53.4303611111119.8746666666667; 107.1 m), district of Harburg, Black Mountains
  • Flidderberg ( ⊙ 53.2713055555569.8220833333333; approximately 107 m ), district of Harburg, Lohberge


2003;; 2.85 In the Harburg low mountain nature reserves ( NSG) Fischbeker heath lie ( CDDA-Nr. 4384; 1958 reported; 7.62 km ² ) in the north ( Black Mountains ), beech forests in the Rose Garden ( CDDA-Nr. 318 259 km ²) in the middle part, and Brunswick mountain ( CDDA-Nr. 81478; 1954; 60 ha) in the south. The NSG two first-named are reported as Fauna-Flora -Habitat Areas Fischbeker Heide ( CDDA-Nr. 2525-301 ) and beech forests in the Rose Garden ( CDDA-Nr. 2525-302 ). In the north and central part of the landscape, the landscape conservation area Rosengarten- Kiekeberg - Stuvenwald is ( CDDA-Nr. 323951; 1965; 58.68 km ²) and to the south the LSG Lohbergen, valleys and adjacent areas ( CDDA-Nr. 322651; 1997; 5.49 km ²).


The Harburg Hills form a rolling woodlands, heath and farmland. The north of the ridge is quite rugged in the Black Mountains of North German relations. There is the Schwarze Berge wildlife park. The southern part of the ridge is called Lohberge. In State Forest Rose Garden is the glacial boulder Karlstejn. On the eastern edge at Sieversen is ten protected as natural monuments hiking blocks.

Hiking trails

The following trails traverse the Harburg Hills:

  • European long-distance path E1, Fischbek over Temple Mount, east of Schwiederstorf, past the Charles Stone, west of Emsen.
  • Heidschnuckenweg ( long distance path ), of Hamburg- Neugraben- Fischbek station through the Lüneburg Heath to Celle Castle
  • Trail W1 Harbuger mountains
  • Trail W2 Wildlife Park
  • Trail W3 Buchholz
  • Trail W4 Wulmstorfer Heath
  • Trail W5 Black Mountains
  • Trail W6 Fischbeker Heath
  • Trail W9 Appelbeck - Karlstejn
  • Footpath W10 Buchholz Appel
  • Footpath W11 Buchholz Drestedt


The Harburg mountains are crisscrossed 1 and 261 of the federal highways; of their connection points New Wulmstorf - Rade, Buchholz Dibbersen (both A 1) and Rose Garden Tötensen (A 261 ) is the range of hills within easy reach. The A 7, of the junction for Marmstorf the hills can be controlled, the area is undergoing in the Northeast.

Buchholz (North Heath ) Station, the breakpoint Klecken and the S-Bahn stations or Neugraben Fischbek can be used by train. From there, each line buses, the usher with numerous stops closer to the Harburg Hills or even zoom in it.