Hard Upper Torso

Hard Upper Torso Assembly, or HUT (English for solid upper body) a central component of many spacesuits. The term originally comes from the Extravehicular Mobility Unit ( EMU ) of NASA. A HAT provides a solid protection for the upper body of the space traveler Represents the Hard Upper Torso Assembly has mounting options for the arms, the helmet, the lower body protection and legs. Often a life support system is integrated or attached on the back.

Developed for NASA original EMU had shoulder joints with bellows, which would allow the change of the angle of the arms. This facilitated the entry into the space suit and made ​​it during an EVA another, the activity adapted in space setting. Since the bellows had a short life, the suit was redesigned in the 1990s and received a HAT with fixed Armwinkeln, called Planar HUT. Thus, the mobility of the support was limited and difficult to put on and take off.

NASA had originally planned five different sizes of huts for the EMU. Because of the high cost of huts but were first made ​​only in four sizes, then two, then in three different sizes, so all spacemen can not perform a spacewalk.

While at EMU HUT pulled over the head and then connected to the lower part, the spaceman climbs the Russian Orlan space suit this from behind. The Anziehprozedur making it easier to carry out.