A ceiling tape (also hardcover or paperback ) is a book with a hard cover, which usually consists of cardboard or paperboard. It differs from the softcover, whose binding is made of flexible material.

The book block is connected to the header with the hard cover of the book cover. Parts of the book cover are the front cover ( or front cover ), the back cover (or rear cover ) and spine. Gauze and sleeve can strengthen the spine in addition. It can get a dust jacket.


Book block and cover are manufactured in separate operations, and then joined together. In the industrial production of books, the book covers are made on a case-maker. The book block is then mounted in the finished blanket. For details see the article book production.


The material for the book cover various materials can be used, usually cardboard ( paperback ) or cardboard; rarely, plastic or metal, historically also wood.

The book block an overhead belt can be designed in different ways:

  • Round or straight spine
  • Headband
  • Color cut or natural section

The cover consists of a front and back cover and the center strip. These are connected together by cover material. The finished book cover can be equipped with various features:

  • Colour stamping or blind embossing
  • Title tag
  • Book loop
  • Pockets
  • Slipcase

Importance of the hardcover in modern bookstores

Hardcover books usually appear for first editions as high-priced form of time before other cheaper paperback versions.

Other types of books

The counterpart to the hardcover is the less expensive paperback, or anything similar only in a flexible cover made ​​of cardboard, paper is bound. A paperback in a smaller format is also referred to as a paperback (English paperback, with bindings made ​​of cardboard, paper, etc. otherwise also soft cover ).