Hardenberger Bach

The Hardberger Bach at Schmürsches ( Dönberg )

The Hardberger Bach is a river that flows north through Uellendahl Neviges, turns thence east and terminates in Langenberg in the Deilbach.


The creek is named after the reign Hardenberg, by its former territory it flows.

Geographical Location

Sights on stream are:

  • Schloss Hardenberg
  • Richrather mill
  • Center Neviges


  • Vette Bach
  • Lünesbach
  • Lohbach
  • Pot Bach
  • Narrow Hofer Bach
  • Krüdenscheider Bach
  • Kimbecke
  • Eselsieper Bach
  • Dresberg Bach
  • Heller Kamp Bach
  • Brandenberger Bach
  • Brullöhbach