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Hareid is a place and a municipality in the Norwegian Fylke Møre og Romsdal. It has been independent since 1916, previously it was part of the neighboring municipality Ulstein.

Geography and transport

Hareid is, together with the municipality Ulstein, on the island Hareidlandet, west of Ålesund and stretches from north to south through the associated Breidsundet and the Vartdalsfjorden to 19.2 and from east to west by 14.1 kilometer. The highest point is 668 meters high Melshorn.

From the main town Hareid from ferries to Ålesund and after Valderøy, the administrative center of the municipality of Giske. Other major places in the community are BigSet, Brandal, Hareid and Hjørungavåg.

The neighboring municipalities of Hareid are Giske, Sula, Ørsta and Ulstein.


Notable people from Hareid

  • Åge Hareide ( b. 1953 ), football coach
  • Einar Hareide (1899-1983), politician ( Kristelig Folkeparti )