Haridatta was an Indian mathematician and astronomer from Kerala, who lived in the second half of the 7th century. He is the Parahita system of astronomical calculations attributed, which was widely used in Kerala and the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu and the older classic system of Aryabhata (in its Aryabhatiya ) simplified (hence the name Parahita which meant suitable for everyone ). According to tradition, he and his colleagues presented their system 683 AD on the every 12 yearly Mamankam hard in Thirunnavaya the river Bharathapuzha ago.

In contrast to the complicated numerical system of Aryabhata, he led a simple -to-use and learning system of numerical name ( katapayadi called ). He also reduced the calculation period for astronomical calculations (especially the planets) to 576 years, which is also the size of the numbers that had to be manipulated reduced. For this change he gave to the corresponding conversion algorithms.

They put it is in two manuscripts, of which only one is received, the Grahacaranibandhana ( KV Sarma in 1954 published ). The other plant ( Mahamarganibandhana ) is lost.