Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes

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The Harstad / Narvik Airport ( norw Harstad / Narvik lufthavn, Evenes ) is a commercial airport in the municipality Evenes, Nordland Province, in northern Norway. A smaller part of the airport is located in the municipality Skånland, Troms County. The Royal Norwegian Air Force used the airport as a military airfield under the name Evenes flystasjon inter alia, as a base for the future of combat aircraft uses.

The eponymous cities is 45 km (Harstad ) or 79 km (Narvik ) away from the airport.


The terminal building has five gates and two baggage carousels. In addition, one finds a cafe, car rental, ATM and other services. For private transport, a total of 1,000 parking spaces available. As a commercial airport Harstad / Narvik is equipped with multiple instrument approach procedure to allow even in bad weather approaches.

Transport links

The airport is situated on the European Route 10 and has regular bus services to Harstad and Narvik, as well as other communities in Vesterålen Lofoten and the mainland.

Names discussion

Since the airport opened in 1973 as Evenes flyplass there are intensive discussions about the official name. This led in due time to a total of six name changes:

  • Evenes lufthavn
  • Evenes stamflyplass
  • Harstad- Narvik lufthavn, Evenes
  • Harstad Lufthavn, Evenes
  • Harstad / Narvik lufthavn
  • Harstad / Narvik lufthavn, Evenes

One of the reasons for this is the name similarity to the (regional ) airport Narvik ( Norwegian called Narvik lufthavn, Framnes ), which has led in the past to misunderstandings.

A recent consideration envisages to rename the airport " Lofoten International Airport ."

Military use

The Luftforsvaret has started the modernization of Evenes " Air Station", as the forward base to serve, inter alia for Quick Reaction Alert inserts of F -16 and F -35 a few years later in 2016. Up to fifteen combat aircraft to the base can accommodate, the military costed 1,600 movements a year.