The basalt plateau Charudsch seen from space

The Charudsch or Charudsch al - Aswad (Arabic al - Aswad خروج الأسود Charūdsch, DMG Ḫarūǧ al - Aswad, the black discharge ', according to English transcription Haruj ) is a 1200 m high mountain and Libyan basalt plateau and lies on the edge of the Sahara.

The summit of the associating several volcanic cones Mountains lies 280 km east of Sabha and about 400 km south of the city, situated on the great Syrtis Sirt. The next Oasis is Zella, about 120 km north of the summit. Located in the middle of a gravel and rocky desert volcanic massif is heavily weathered.

It is believed that the last eruption occurred in the Holocene.