Harvard Medical School

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The Harvard Medical School ( HMS short ) is the medical school of Harvard University. Unlike the main campus of Harvard, which is located in Cambridge (Massachusetts), the HMS is part of the Longwood Medical and Academic Area, a medical campus in Boston. It includes lecture rooms and laboratories. As teaching hospitals serve, inter alia, the Massachusetts General Hospital and also standing on campus clinics Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Boston Children's Hospital.

Dean of the Harvard Medical School since 2007, the endocrinologist Jeffrey S. Flier.


The Harvard Medical School was founded in 1782 by the surgeon John Warren on the Harvard campus. 1906 moved the institution to Longwood. The Centre can, clad in white marble building complex is known for its square plant as a " Great White Quadrangle " or " HMS Quad". On the lawn in between the closing ceremonies of the physicians and health scientists are taking place.