Harvest Moon (Album)


Harvest Moon is a folk album by Neil Young, released on 27 October 1992.

Harvest Moon is considered as a quasi- sequel to his most successful album Harvest ( 1972). Most of the musicians on this album were already represented on the original album "Harvest". The only exceptions are Spooner Oldham, Astrid Young, and Larry Cragg. Spooner Oldham took over Jack Nitzsche's place at the piano. Astrid Young ( Young's half-sister ) and Larry Cragg ( Young's guitar and keyboard technician ) occur as background singers. The song " Old King " refers to Young's recently deceased dog, who 's real name was Elvis and his constant companion was on tour.

Title list

Other musicians

Strings ( search on a Woman ):

  • Maria Newman
  • Robin Lorenz
  • Berg Garabedian
  • Betty Byers
  • Valerie Dimond
  • Carrie Prescott
  • David Stenke
  • Larry Corbett
  • Greg Gottlieb
  • Haim Sitrum
  • Cindy McGurty
  • Harris Goldman
  • Israel Baker
  • Rick Gerding
  • Matt Funes
  • Adriana Zoppo
  • Ericka Duke
  • David Shamban

Dreaming Man Live '92

A live CD with the same songs as the album Harvest Moon was released in 2009 under the title Dreaming Man Live '92. The recordings come from a solo tour Youngs in 1992.