Has is the surname of:

  • Bekir Ozan Has (* 1985), the Turkish football player
  • Kadir Has (1921-2007), Turkish entrepreneurs
  • Mehmet Ali Has (1927-1982), the Turkish football player
  • Has Şeref ( b. 1936 ), the Turkish football player
  • Wojciech Has (1925-2000), Polish film director

Has is geographically for:

  • Has circle, Albanian Administrative District
  • A tributary of the East Timorese Luca (river)

HAS is an abbreviation for:

  • Hadronic showers, impact of high-energy radiation in space
  • Halkin Sesi Partisi, former political party in Turkey to 2012
  • Trade school in Austria
  • Hardened Aircraft Shelter, verbunkerter aircraft shelter for fighter aircraft
  • Heinrich August Schulte, 1896 Company founded as a precursor of ThyssenKrupp Schulte GmbH
  • Helium atom scattering, diffraction method in surface physics
  • Human - Animal Studies, interdisciplinary research area
  • Hand -arm vibration, see Human Vibration

HAS as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Landkreis Haßberge

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