Hasan Aliyev

Hassan Aliyev (born 14 November 1989) is an Azerbaijani wrestler. He was European champion in 2010 and world champion in Greco-Roman featherweight


Hassan Aliyev began in 1997 as a teenager with rings. He is a member of the sports club Neftchi Baku and focuses on the Greco- Roman style. Since 2003, he is trained by Wagif Feyzullah. He is a student.

Hassan Aliyev has been very successful already in the junior age. For its first participation in an international championship, the Junior European Championship Cadets ( age group up to 16 years ), he finished in Istanbul in the weight class up to 45 kg behind Roman Vlasov from Russia like the 2nd place. Something he had to learn the hard way of course, pay at the International Junior Championships of 2007. He came namely at the Junior European Championships in Belgrade only to 13th place and at the Junior World Championships in Beijing only the 15th place, both times in the weight class up to 55 kg body weight. But a year later he was in Kosice Junior European champion in the weight class up to 55 kg before Alexander Kostadinov of Bulgaria and Ivan Tatarinow from Russia.

In 2009, Hassan Aliyev in the weight class up to 60 kg initially in Tbilisi European junior champion before Achilles Turmanidse from Georgia and a little later in Ankara also Junior World Champion in front of Rahman Bilici from Turkey. These successes, he continued with the seniors in the same weight class in 2010. It was established in April 2010 in Baku with four wins European Champion and defeated it in the final Konstantin Balizki from Belarus and in September 2010 he won in Moscow with victories over Tonimir Sokol from Croatia, Iwo Angelov from Bulgaria, Ruslan Tijumenbajew from Kyrgyzstan, Almat Kebispajew from Kazakhstan and Ryutaro Matsumoto of Japan to the world title.

In 2011, he was not so successful. At the European Championships in Dortmund but he still won a bronze medal. He was defeated here in the semi-final against Revaz Laschchi from Georgia and won this bronze medal with a win over Eusebiu Diaconu of Romania. At the World Championships in Istanbul after he lost three won fights over surprisingly against Luis Ignacio Liendo from Venezuela. Since this did not reach the final, he was eliminated and only reached the 7th Place.

In 2012, Hassan Aliyev then moved into the weight category to 66 kg. He started in June this year at the Grand Prix of Germany in Dormagen and lost there in the final battle against Frank Stäbler from Germany. However, for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, he trained again in the featherweight. In London, he triumphed over Stig Andre mountains, Norway and Jung Ji -hyun, South Korea and lost to Rewas Laschchi, Georgia and Saur Kuramagomedow from Russia. He finished 5th.

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