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Hasbro is an American toy manufacturer headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Iceland in the USA. The company's name consists of the name Hassenfeld Brothers. Hasbro sells inter alia Monopoly (originally from Parker Brothers).


Hasbro was founded in 1923 by the brothers Henry and Helal Hassenfeld in Providence, Rhode Iceland. The small family business began by her pencil cases and other school materials to you in 1943 for the first time marketed toys. The foundation for the success of Hasbro's put the introduction of the toys Mr. Potato Head (1952) and GI Joe (1964).

By specializing in the toy store, the company was able to expand in 1968 evolved from the family business, the Hasbro Industries Inc. Through acquisitions and development Hasbro expanded its market position internationally ever further:


From 1978 to 2000 Hasbro collaborated with the New York advertising agency Griffin Bacal, who not only developed advertising strategies for new Hasbro products and toy lines, but as the owner of the animation studios Sunbow Productions was developing animated series and on behalf of Hasbro, which as an advertisement for Hasbro products should be used.

Since 1972 Hasbro has business relationships with the Japanese toy company Takara. The best-known collaboration between the two companies is the Transformers toy line, developed the original figures by Takara and were provided in 1984 by Hasbro, Griffin Bacal and Marvel comic for the American market with a new storyline and a new name. In 1985 Takara took over, the American concept included the name " Transformers" for the Japanese market. To date, designers of both companies develop new Transformers figures in close cooperation. A further collaboration between the two companies is Beyblade (in Japan from 1999 published by Takara, marketed worldwide since 2002 by Hasbro ).

1999 Hasbro started another partnership with the Japanese manufacturer Tomy, who published, among others, developed by Hasbro Star Wars toys under license in the Japanese market. In return, Hasbro published from 2001 Tomy Zoids toys in the United States. 2005 merged Takara Tomy and to Takara Tomy ( outside of Japan since simply " Tomy "). The new company is the existing cooperation with Hasbro unchanged. Since 2008, the American figure Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys (2013 ) 12 -inch GI Joe figures under license Hasbro ago.


Product Safety

Like most toy manufacturer Hasbro also operates to protect children tests and safety studies, so as to provide a quality and protection against injury. Hasbro's toys are manufactured, among others under the provisions of the EU safety standard EN -71.

In 2007, when reports of poor safety standards and toxic lead paint in toys that were produced in China, including primarily toys of Hasbro rival Mattel, and resulting recall campaigns repeatedly made ​​headlines, the American Hasbro 's parent company responded with an official statement that said, that the safety regulations for all Hasbro products with the statutory requirements did not only live, but actually outweighed. In fact befände under the offending toys not a single Hasbro product.


At the beginning of the 1980s sought American toy creators for new ways to market their products. Since the Federal Communications Commission was still under strict rules regarding the permissible advertising minutes in children's television, let the toy companies both comics and animated series to produce, whose primary goal was the marketing of the same name toys, and declared the animated series unceremoniously to advertise the comics. 1984 lifted the FCC then on restrictions in this regard. In Hasbro's case, there was, among other animated series to GI Joe (1983, based on the restart of the toy series entitled GI Joe: A Real American Hero ), The Transformers and My Little Pony ( both 1984). In all three cases, the reciprocal relationship between toys and television series led to mutual success. Also feature-length animated films to the series were commissioned, but after The Transformers: The Movie and My Little Pony: The Movie 1986, to flop at the box office, appeared GI Joe: The Movie only on video. In later years, Hasbro had many other animated series to produce current toy lines.

In addition, Hasbro also awards for several decades licenses to comic publishers like Marvel, Dreamwave Productions, Devil 's Due Publishing and IDW Publishing, so they publish comics based on Hasbro toy lines like Transformers or GI Joe based. It exerts Hasbro, exactly as in the case of the animated series, variable influence on the comic authors, so this about increasing use of new products (eg figures or vehicles) in focus of the stories.

In the new millennium, Hasbro, the example of Marvel or DC wants to follow, knowing reinforced understood as an entertainment company. Future instead of cartoons and comic reactions of Hasbro toy lines should take a greater role cinema film adaptations of Hasbro licenses. The first was the 2007 Transformers movie, with the Transformers - Revenge (2009) and Transformers 3 (2011) was continued, was added in 2009, a film adaptation of GI Joe, G.I. Joe - The Rise of Cobra, as well as from April 12, 2012 Battleship. A film adaptation of the board game Monopoly is also planned as a film adaptation of the figure originally manufactured by Kenner Stretch Armstrong. For Hasbro, this represents the beginning of a turnaround: Instead of the " toy of the film" is it more often now give the " film for toys ." Hasbro hopes that this will lower costs and higher revenue.

Since October 2010 Hasbro operates in partnership with Discovery Communications a new TV channel called The Hub, which replaces the transmitter Discovery Kids. On The Hub also new and old series will be broadcast based on Hasbro products.

Social Commitment

Hasbro since 1994, namesake of the Hasbro Children 's Hospital in Providence, Rhode Iceland.

Hasbro Germany

The German Hasbro subsidiary, Hasbro Germany GmbH, was formally established in 1991 as a result of an international enforcement of company name and emerged from the former German branch of the company in 1984 acquired by Hasbro Milton Bradley (MB). Until then, were under the European subsidiary of Hasbro control by Hasbro UK.

Since 2006, the headquarters of Hasbro Germany in Dreieich is located near Frankfurt am Main. Are located on the site of the old headquarters in Soest to be the logistics center for the delivery as well as the warehouse for distribution throughout Europe.