• SPÖ: 12
  • ÖVP: 3

Hazel -Tobelbad is a municipality in the district of Graz southwest of Graz-Umgebung in Styria with 1343 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013).

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Hazel -Tobelbad is located about 10 kilometers southwest of the provincial capital of Graz in Western Styria.

Community structure

The municipality comprises the following four localities ( in parentheses population as of 31 October 2011):

  • Badegg (313 )
  • Haselsdorf (292 )
  • Haselsdorf Mountain (405 )
  • Tobelbad (339)

The municipality comprises the cadastral Haselsdorf.

Neighboring municipalities are:

Attendorf, Seiersberg, Lieboch, Pirka, Dobl and Unterpremstätten.


Already in 1491 a spa in the area of ​​present-day village Tobelbad is mentioned. The local church Haselsdorf as an autonomous body created in 1850. The spa in Tobelbad ended in 1938.

After the annexation of Austria in 1938, the community came to Reichsgau Styria, 1945-1955, she was part of the British zone of occupation in Austria. Since 1983 is the name of the community, " hazel -Tobelbad ".

The municipal area (top left) in the Josephine Francisco - land survey, 1910

Culture and sights

  • Parish Tobelbad: built 1628-1630, consecrated octagonal central dome with, the Immaculate Conception


  • Mayor Helmut Holzapfel (SPO )
  • The council is made up after the elections of 2010 were as follows: 3 ÖVP, SPÖ 12

Coat of arms

The award of the municipality coat of arms was made with effect from 1 June 1980. Coat Description: From gold and blue increased shared above a green oak leaf branch of three leaves below an octagonal golden dome with a high arched black window in the middle of the three visible walls, three transversely oval black windows in the attic frieze, a vertical rectangular black window in the lantern with knob and plugged Cross, left abuts the central building one also growing, lower porch with gable golden rider, this one with a high black arched windows and scalloped roof with Knauf; front of the building of a growing golden tower with a square black box under the peaked roof, each with a side dormer is accompanied.


  • Street: Its proximity to the state capital Graz the community is very conveniently located. The Packer Road ( B 70) from Graz to Klagenfurt runs directly through the municipal area. The Radlpass -Straße ( B 76 ) is only about 2 km away. The South Highway (A 2) passes close by the church. The nearest connection points are located in Unterpremstätten (188 ) in about 4 km to the direction of Graz and in Lieboch (194 ) in about 3 km to the direction of Klagenfurt.
  • Bus: Bus lines Graz-Köflacher railway from Graz in the Western Styria touch the rehabilitation center Tobelbad.
  • Rail: The municipality has no railway station. The nearest railway station Lieboch is around 4 km away and provides access to the Graz- Köflacher railway for the routes to Graz, Koeflach and Germany mountain. The station Premstätten - Tobelbad located in Unterpremstätten also in about 4 km away.
  • Airport: Graz Airport is around 10 km away.

Public institutions

  • Rehabilitation clinic Tobelbad: In Tobelbad is a rehabilitation center of the General Accident Insurance Company of Austrian Social Security.



Sons and daughters of the town

  • Erik von Kuehnelt - Leddihn, (1909-1999), an Austrian journalist, born in Tobelbad
  • Hans Pretterebner (* 1944 ), Austrian journalist, born in Haselsdorf

Associated with hazel -Tobelbad personalities

  • Joseph Carlone (1678-1739), master mason, inter alia, in Tobelbad, comes from the family of artists Carlone
  • Wolfgang paals (1905-1959), Austrian- Mexican painter and art theorist, spent the first years in Vienna and Tobelbad