Hasenbuck (Nuremberg U-Bahn)

Metro Station Hasenbuck ( Abbreviation: HA ) is the eighth Subway Station of the Nuremberg U- Bahn and was opened on 18 June 1974. It is 752 meters from Franconia Road Metro Station and 1509 meters from the Bauernfeindstraße Metro Station. At the railway station, long toward water followed by a parking and reversing facility.

The Hasenbuck is a 342 m high hill between marshalling yard and Franconia Road. The first roll-call mentions go back to the 18th century and are probably due to a hunting area in this field. Since 1927 was also the settlement Hasenbuck.


The station is located in Nuremberg city district Hasenbuck and extends below the ground in a northwest-southeast direction between the intersection Ingolstadt / Nerzstraße and Nerzstraße. The only steps leads from the northern platform head out into a distribution of levels below the intersection Ingolstadt / Nerzstraße and from there to all its corners. An elevator leads from the northern end of the station to the surface.

Near the train station you will find the DB repair shop and the yard.

Building and Architecture

Construction of the 150 m long station building began in July 1971 and were carried out in an open design with Berlin wall. The elevator was upgraded in 1982. Hasenbuck was the first Nuremberg U -Bahn station, which was an underground pedestrian the intermediate level.

The color of the subway station is brown. The tiled with ceramic tiles platform walls are brown from the ground up to the height of the platform edge, then white with interruption by the band with the platform names (white text on brown background ) and then to brown to ceiling. The round support columns are also tiled brown.


The station is serviced by the underground lines U1 and U11.