Hashmatullah Barakzai

Hashmatullah Mohammad " Hashmat " Barekzai ( born June 4, 1987 in Kabul ) is an Afghan footballer who is currently in Mumbai FC under contract.

Club career

Since 2004 Barekzai was active for the Kabul Kabul Bank FC. In 2007 he was with his team's runner-up and top scorer in the Premier League Afghanistan. In 2008 he was again top scorer with eight goals. In May, 2013, where the Kabul Cup and he won top scorer was also Barekzai left the club after 178 goals in 156 games.

For the 2013 season changed Hashmatullah Barekzai to Kabul first division Shaheen Asmayee. There he became an instant fan favorite and regular players. At the end of the season Shaheen Asmayee champion, and Barekzai with seven goals in six games top scorer ( alongside Hamidullah Karimi ) and also named player of the season.

Because of his achievements, he attracted the attention of foreign clubs, and so signed Barekzai on October 31, 2013 a contract with the Indian first division club Mumbai FC. In his first game against Bengaluru FC ( 2:2 ), he was able to score a goal when he scored in the ninth minute to intermediate 1:1.


In the Afghan national Barekzai debuted 2007. 2011 he was at the South Asian Federation Cup runners-up after a 0-4 defeat in the final against India. Two years later retaliated you look at India with a 2-0 victory in the final, and as Afghanistan won his first international title.

Overall, he brought it so far to 19 games and six goals.


In the club

  • Vice Champion 2007
  • Kabul Cup 2013
  • Masters 2013

In the National Team

  • Vice - Champion 2011 South Asia
  • South Asia Masters 2013


  • Scorer of the Afghanistan Premier League in 2007 and 2008
  • Scorer of the Kabul Cup 2013
  • Scorer in the Afghan Premier League 2013
  • Player of the Season 2013