Hassa (Hatay)

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Hassa is a district town and the capital of the eponymous district of the Turkish province of Hatay. Hassa is located in the north of the province, bordering the province of Gaziantep. In the east Hassa adjacent to the Syrian province of Aleppo. The city has 9218 and the county 54 287 inhabitants ( 2010). The city lies at the foot of the Hassa Amanosberge. Even otherwise, the great part of the county is mountainous. The highest peaks are Mığır ( 2240 m) and the Kuşçu ( 2076 m). Forests occupy 256 km ² of a surface. The main rivers and streams are Karasu, Hopur, Tiyek, Akbez and Hacılar. The climate is Mediterranean, with average highs in August and lows in January.

The city was founded in the 1860s. The village name comes from the task force, which was then used under the command of Ibrahim Pasha Dervish to bring tribes in the Gavur Dağları to reason.