The Hattians - also Protohattier - are among the altkleinasiatischen peoples and already lived in Anatolia, when the Hittites settled in the eastern part of Central Anatolia. Their self-designation is unknown, they were later named after the region Hatti ( the Hittites during their language nese, nesili, after the town of Kane's called ).

The Hittite capital Hattusa was founded by the Hatti. The Hittites took over later, the power, the local population was not expelled and kept their language. The Hattic went in the 15th century under BC and lived on only as a ritual language of the Hittites.

The Hattic influence on the Hittite culture was immense, the witness inter alia the name Hattic Wurušemu for the most important goddess of the Hittite mythology, the sun goddess of Arinna, or the meaning of the original Hatti God Telipinu ( hatt. Talipinu ) in the Hittite cult.


At the beginning of written tradition of the Hittite Empire was the Hattic language that is genetically isolated, probably already extinct, Hattic sayings but were recited for centuries in the sacral area, though hardly yet understood. Also, some words have received substrate in the Hittite language.