Hattie Jacques

Hattie Jacques ( born February 7, 1922 in Sandgate, Kent, Great Britain as Josephina Edwina Jaques, † October 6, 1980 in London) was a British actress.


Jacques first made an apprenticeship as a hairdresser. Due to the Second World War, they had only as a nurse, later working as a welder. Under these bad circumstances they discovered her talent to make people laugh. Since they had a rather extensive physique, she used humor as a defense.

With the show business she came into contact as she accompanied her brother to work. This was elevator operator in a London theater. She was hired as an actress and singer. Her portrayal of an oversized sorceress was known. Later she returned to Little Players Theatre in London as an actor, producer and playwright back.

Hattie's career began to run, she was now engaged also for stage shows. Her singing and her earthy humor made ​​them so well known that it was brought for the Carry on film series. Even on the radio she was listening to again and again in comedy shows. She met her partner Eric Sykes, with whom she worked over 30 years in various television series.

Hattie was very popular with their peers. Many of them saw it as a kind sister, due to their gentle mind and her humor. From the yes Is she got mad crew missed the nickname About mother.

Hattie was married to the actor John Le Mesurier. She brought two sons. Even though John and they divorced later, they remained friends.

Hattie Jacques died in 1980 at the age of 58 years the consequences of a heartbeat.

In 2000, a biographical documentary entitled The Unforgettable Hattie Jacques was broadcast by British television.

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