The Haukivesi [ hɑu̯kivɛsi ] is a lake on the northwestern edge of the Saimaa lake system in the Finnish Savo region. With an area of 562 km ² it is the eighth largest lake in Finland. Numerous Sunde and islands divide the Haukivesi in several basins and bays. Its most important are Siitinselkä, Saviluoto, Tahkoselkä, Vuoriselkä, Kuokanselkä, Kuivaselkä, Heposelkä, Peonselkä, Tuunaanselkä, Hiekonselkä, Varparannanselkä and iso- Haukivesi. The furthest extent of the Haukivesi between the lake areas Siitinselkä in the north near Varkaus and Haapavesi in the south near Savonlinna is about 80 km.

The northerly Unnukka Lake flows out through the rapids of Varkaus and the Taipalekanal to Haukivesi.

Located north-east Joutenvesi is separated by the Isthmus of Oravi from Haukivesi. Only in the extreme north of the isthmus there is a natural drain. In addition, the two shipping channels Haponlahti and Oravi channel cut through the isthmus.

To the south Pihlajavesi the Haukivesi over the sound of flowing from Savonlinna.

In Haukivesi the Linnansaari National Park, which includes not only the eponymous island Linnansaari several hundred smaller islands and rocks located. The National Park is home to a population of the endangered Saimaa ringed seal.