As a Hausa - Fulani Hausa - speaking part of the Fulani people (also Fulani, Peul or Fellah called ) in Sudan called.

Its membership includes about 500,000 people. The Fulani name is the name that is used in the English language, derived from the Hausa (trade language in West Africa). Fulbe call the members of this ethnic group itself, in the French -speaking world is known as the Fulani and Peul. In Sudan, the Arab majority calls the Fulbe Fellah.

The people of this ethnic group are mostly nomads. The Hausa - Fulani no longer speak their original language Fulfulde, but Hausa.

The Hausa - Fulani have immigrated from Nigeria late 19th century, when the British surrendered the Fulani Sultanate of Sokoto.

For the people of the Hausa - Fulani, the champion of Muslim women's education Asma'u Nana comes from ( 1793-1864 ).