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The house floor ( 3'158 m above sea level. M. ) is a peak in the Glarus Alps in Switzerland.


The house floor is part of the main ridge of the Glarus Alps, which forms the border between the cantons of Glarus and Graubünden, and is the highest peak in the range between Bifertenstock and Ringelspitz. The summit is a few meters south of the border in the Grisons. To the north of the house Stock deploys the mountain range that separates the Glarus Grosstal from Sernftal.

Adjacent peaks are in the southwest of Ruchi, to the North Mättlenstöcke, in the east and southeast of Piz Chalchhorn Fluaz.

Routes to the summit

The easiest route leads over the full walk- south ridge in two hours from Piz Fluaz to the summit.

A beautiful two-day tour leads from Vorderrheintal about Kistenpass, Muttseehütte, Hintersulzlücke to the summit and on the glacier since Mer and Panixerpass back to the valley. This is a tour with crampons Gratüberschreitung ( fixed ropes ) and easy climbing.