Hautecombe Abbey

Daughter monasteries

Monastery Fossanova Monastery Zaraka? Monastery Isova?

The Abbey Hautecombe (Lat. Alta CUMBA ) is a former Cistercian Abbey and Benedictine abbey in Savoie, located on the western shore of the Lac du Bourget in the commune of Saint -Pierre -de- Curtille.


Not too far away from the former residence of the rulers of Savoy in Chambéry, Count Amadeus III. in 1121 a monastery, which was occupied by the Abbey Aulps with Benedictine monks. At the suggestion of Bernard of Clairvaux, the Priory closed in 1135 at the Cistercian order and it was assumed as a daughter house of filiation primary Clairvaux Abbey. First Abt 1139 St.. Amadeus of Lausanne. Under him, the abbey was in 1140 moved to its present location. Hautecombe the abbeys of Fossanova were ( with ten subsidiaries and sub- ups) in Italy, Monastery Sanctus Angelus in Petra in Constantinople Opel and possibly Zaraka and Isova founded on the Peloponnese in Greece. From 1439 until the 18th century, the abbey was coming. In the French Revolution, the abbey was abandoned and repealed in 1793, but from 1824 to 1843 restored by King Charles Felix of Sardinia - Piermont and repopulated in 1826 by Cistercian monks, who remained until 1922. From 1922 they took over the Benedictine Congregation of Solesmes. 1992 left the Benedictine because of the increasing tourist flows the convent again, to settle in the ancient Abbey of Ganagobie. The monastery of Hautecombe have since the charismatic community of the Chemin Neuf given in custody.


Until the 15th century the Counts and Dukes of Savoy stand used for the monastery church Hautecombe as a grave for the dead lay their dynasty. Since were Savoy in the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia was rising and the Sardinian kings and later, the last King of Italy, Umberto II, buried in Hautecombe.

During the riots at the time of the French Revolution, the monastery suffered, the church and the old princely graves serious damage. In 1824 the Sardinian king Charles -Felix was to restore the monument by the Piedmontese architect Ernesto Melano. The rich neo-Gothic shapes make the building at an excellent example of this architectural style.

Hautecombe is accessed by a boat service from Aix- les- Bains and by a driveway. The place is one of the most popular destinations in the region and is visited by about 300,000 tourists.

Every year in the month of March hold Italian royalists in Hautecombe from a memorial service in memory of King Umberto II. On this occasion, each new members into the Order of Knights of St. Savoyard be. Mauritius and Lazarus recorded.