Hautecour (Jura)

Hautecour is a commune in the French department of Jura in the Franche -Comté.


Hautecour is located on 625 m above sea level. M., about 20 km southeast of the town of Lons -le- Saunier (air line). The village is located in the Jura, on a sloping gently to the west slope on the eastern edge of the broad Ain Valley, above Clairvaux- les -Lacs, with its two lakes.

The area of ​​5.19 km ² municipal area includes a portion of the French Jura. The western part of the area is occupied by the plateau of Hautecour that is passed with meadows and farmland. To the north of this plateau is bordered by the valley of the Drouvenant ( left tributary of the Ain ). To the east, the municipality's area extends over a slowly rising slope in the vast forest area of the Forêt de la Joux. Here is 779 m above sea level. M. reached the highest elevation of Hautecour. In the north and east of the municipal boundary runs mostly above the steep drop to the valley of Drouvenant.

Neighboring communities of Hautecour are Clairvaux- les -Lacs in the south, west and north, and La Frasnée and Châtel- de -Joux in the east.


Several findings indicate that the municipality of Hautecour been inhabited since the Gallo- Roman period. The place name is composed of the Latin word elements alta (high) and cortis ( courtyard). Since the Middle Ages Hautecour belonged to the dominion of Clairvaux. Together with the Franche -Comté reached the village with the Peace of Nijmegen in 1678 to France.


With 185 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) Hautecour is one of the small towns in the Jura. Once the population has consistently had in the first half of the 20th century in the range of about 70 people, a significant population increase was recorded after a temporary decline since the early 1970s.

Economy and infrastructure

Hautecour was until well into the 20th century a predominantly coined by farming village. In addition, there are today some of the local small business enterprises, including a company of plastics processing. Meanwhile, the village has also changed into a residential community. Many workers are commuters who engage in the larger towns in the vicinity of their work.

The village is located off the major thoroughfares, but is easily accessible from Clairvaux- les -Lacs. Another road connection with Châtel -de- Joux.

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  • Commune in the department of Jura
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