Hawaiian Airlines

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Hawaiian Airlines is an American airline based in Honolulu, Hawaii and home base on the Honolulu International Airport.


Hawaiian Airlines was founded on January 30, 1929 under the name of Inter- Iceland - Airways and started flight operations on the islands in November of the same year with two Sikorsky S -38 and operational from 1935 and S- 43rd In 1941 she was renamed Hawaiian Airlines. In the same year the old Sikorsky were retired and replaced by the then-new Douglas DC-3. This aircraft was more than 20 years, the " workhorse " of the airline and was only replaced in 1966 by the jet-powered McDonnell Douglas DC-9.

In the 80s, the destinations have been expanded - with three Douglas DC-8 American Samoa and Tonga were from 1984 airports in Pago Pago, approached. A short time later, five Lockheed L -1011 were purchased and furnished with them the daily traffic to the American West Coast. Over time, this compound was further expanded and also added links to Tahiti and Rarotonga. 1993 Hawaiian Airlines replaced its Lockheed L -1011 by McDonnell Douglas DC- 10th

2001, the Company began a comprehensive fleet modernization: Between 2001 and 2003 she bought 13 new Boeing 717-200 for the traffic island and 14 new Boeing 767 -300ER for the long haul. The new aircraft to replace the obsolete DC -9 and DC - 10th In May 2006 it was announced to expand the traffic between Hawaii and the American mainland with the purchase of four more Boeing 767-300. In May 2010, she received her first new total of 16 ordered Airbus A330 -200 which replaced some of the 767 in the context of a further fleet expansion.

Hawaiian Airlines is the eleventh largest U.S. airline and leads since November 2003 to the list of the most punctual airlines in America.


Hawaiian Airlines flies in Hawaii on the islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii. Intercontinental connections exist to America, Asia, Australia and Oceania. Important objectives include New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland, Tokyo, Sydney and Tahiti.

In addition, there codeshare agreement with Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Harmony Airways, Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic Airways.


As of July 2013, the fleet of 43 aircraft from Hawaiian Airlines is with a mean age of 10.5 years:


Hawaiian Airlines is the oldest airline in the U.S., which has so far recorded no accidents with fatalities or aircraft losses in its history.