Haya Harareet

Haya Harareet (Hebrew חיה הררית; born September 20, 1931 in Haifa, Palestine) is an Israeli film and theater actress and screenwriter.


Harareet began her career in the theater as she stood in the Israeli Cameri Theatre on the stage. Her film debut in 1955 in the amount 24 does not answer, a political film, which has the 1948 War of Independence to the topic. Harareets most famous role, however, they should make known in 1959 overnight. In the eleven Oscars -winning epic film Ben Hur Harareet played the female lead ( Esther ). She was the only member of the cast, which made ​​Israel to the original scene of the story of Ben Hur, came.

Despite the positive press they could not build on the success of Ben Hur. By 1964, they should participate in a total of eight feature films, most of which were brought into Europe for the performance. Although Harareet always played the female lead, it was an international success always fails.

1967, three years after her last appearance in front of the camera, she wrote the screenplay for Every night at nine, a thriller starring Dirk Bogarde in the lead role.

Since Haya Harareet lives quietly in Israel and is occasionally on the stage.