HB (Band)

HB is a Christian symphonic metal band that was founded in 2002 in Forssa, Finland. HB stands for Holy Bible ( Holy Bible ).

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  • 3.2 EPs and singles
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After the release of their demo in 2002 HB 2002 have released seven studio albums. In 2003 the debut album Uskon puolesta appeared. In the following years, the group has focused on the tours of Finland and was able to increase its visibility.

The second album of the band, Enne, was released in 2006 and reached number # 27 of the Finnish Top 40 charts and spent a total of four weeks in the top 40 drummer Samuel Mäki - Kerttula left the band after the Maata Näkyvissä Festival in November 2007 and was Markus Malin replaced. Published in 2007 the live DVD Can You Road?, Which documents the band's performance at the Maata Näkyvissä Festival 2006 as well as older individual performances, deleted scenes, the band's history includes among others as extras.

2008, the third Finnish album Piikki Lihassa was published, which debuted 40 Charts at # 12 of the top Finnish and remained there one week. Bassist Tuomas Mäki - Kerttula left the band after the Maata Näkyvissä Festival in November 2008.

Followed in 2010 with Pääkallonpaikka the fourth album in Finnish. In the Finnish Top 40 it could stay 2 weeks and reached # 5 Place the highest position of his previous albums the group.

2013 there was a break in the band. The singer Johanna Aaltonen left HB in early 2013 for work reasons. The new singer Miia Rautkoski, formerly G- Powered and Ramsas Atas, was introduced in February 2013. As part of this change was also the best-of album Lopun Alkuja - published Alun Loppuja ( 2002-2012 ).

English albums

Also other European countries became aware of the group through their growing popularity in Finland. On 23 April 2008, the band has therefore published an English version of their second album called Enne Frozen Inside. The album debuted at # 15 in the Finnish Top 40 and was a week later still to 25th place in the Top 30

This was followed in the same year, the first concert appearance in Germany at the Christmas Rock Night in Ennepetal. 2009 was followed by other appearances Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland. Among other things, the band played at the Flevo Festival in the Netherlands and the Legends of Rock in Ennepetal. Since 2008, the group was also in Germany every year at least once a guest.

In 2010 appeared with The Jesus Metal Explosion, the English version of Piikki Lihassa. 2010 finally was also the first album of the band, Uskon puolesta, re-recorded in English and completely revised and published under the title The Battle of God.

The publication of the English version of the album Pääkallonpaikka has been announced for the fall of 2013.

Style and influence

HB play symphonic heavy metal, partly also with electronic elements, whose sound can best be compared with that of Nightwish and Within Temptation. The difference to the bands mentioned above is primarily that the texts written by Antti Niskala, written in the Finnish language and strong spiritually are.


Studio albums

  • 2003: Uskon puolesta
  • 2006: Enne
  • 2008: Frozen Inside
  • 2008: Piikki Lihassa
  • 2010: Pääkallonpaikka
  • 2010: The Jesus Metal Explosion
  • 2011: The Battle Of God

EPs and singles

  • 2002: HB 2002 ( Demo EP )
  • 2004: Turhaa tärinää? (CD -Single)
  • 2009: Perkeleitä ( CD single )


  • 2013: Lopun Alkuja - Alun Loppuja ( 2002-2012 )