HB Køge

The HB Køge A / S is a Danish football club from Herfølge near Køge. The club was formed in July 2009 through the merger of Herfølge BK and Køge Boldklub.


The precursor Clubs of HB Køge have a checkered history.

Herfølge BK

The Herfølge BK Founded in 1921, played a total of 16 seasons in the highest Danish league, winning the 2000 national champion. Already in the following year, the club was relegated to the second division, but was able to return to the first division in 2003. After the renewed decline of 2005, the team established in the second division.

Køge Boldklub

The club was founded in 1927 Køge Bold belonged between 1940 and 2004 down to a total of 34 seasons, the Danish elite series. 1954 won the team the first team outside Copenhagen the Danish championship. 1975 repeated the team 's triumph. As of 2003, the team played in the front of the second division and missed the rise several times scarce. As a result, the club ran into financial difficulties. In October 2008, the bankruptcy could still be avoided, in February of the following year he was bankrupt. Then, condemned the Dansk Boldspil Union the club to relegation to the third-rate Sjællandsserien.

HB Køge

Longer time there were negotiations between the two clubs on a merger of the professional teams that ran in particular because of the financial problems of the club Køge Bold in the length. Just two weeks after Køge Boldklub filing for bankruptcy, the two club agreed on a Zusammenerarbeit. On 1 July 2009, it was founded HB Køge. The merger took club for season 2009/ 10 on the Super League in part, but dismounted and played in the 2010/11 season in the 1st Division. The season ended with a second place behind Aarhus GF and the direct re-emergence after a 4-3 win in the last match of the round at FC Fyn, which thus was relegated to the third tier. However, you had as Table descend back into the first division again after just one season. In preparing for the 2012/13 season they beat on his training camp in the Vogtland, including they won against the third division VFC Plauen 2:0. As part of the training camp for the 2013/14 season a game against RB Leipzig (3rd League ) took place in Naunhof, not far from Leipzig, on July 10, 2013, which was won 1-0.

Current squad

(As of February 29, 2012 )