• OMIM: 142000

Hemoglobin subunit delta ( HBD), a protein for which the encoding gene present HBD in humans.


Delta genes ( HBD) and beta genes ( HBB ) usually manifest themselves in adults as follows: Two alpha chains plus two beta chains constitute HbA, which in normal Erwachsnenleben comprises about 97 % of the total hemoglobin. Two alpha chains plus two delta chains constitute HbA - 2, which with HbF comprises the remaining 3 % of the hemoglobin adult. Five of the beta- globin -like genes were found on chromosome 11 in a cluster of 45 kb in the following sequence: 5 ' - ε - γ -G - γ -A - δ - β - 3'.

Clinical Significance

Mutations in delta-globin gene have been associated with the delta - thalassemia.