• OMIM: 142100

The protein subunit epsilon hemoglobin is a component of hemoglobin variant, which is responsible for transporting oxygen in the embryo. It is encoded by the known human HBE1 gene.


The epsilonglobin gene ( HBE ) is normally expressed in the embryonic yolk sac: two epsilon chains together with two zeta chains ( alpha- globin similar) the embryonic hemoglobin " Hb Gower I"; two epsilon chains together with two alpha chains, the embryonic " Hb Gower II". Both of these embryonic hemoglobins are normally supplanted by fetal hemoglobins and later by the hemoglobin adult. Five of the beta- globin -like genes were found on chromosome 11 in a cluster of 45 kb in the following sequence: 5 ' - ε - γ -G - γ -A - δ - β - 3'.