HC Forward-Morges

The Forward Morges Hockey Club (Eng. HC Forward Morges ) is a Swiss ice hockey club from Morges, who is currently playing in 1 league ( third highest league level ). The home matches of the club will be held in the 2,400 spectators comprehensive Patinoire des Eaux- Minérales in Morges.


The official founding of the association took place on 3 March 1956 under the name HC Chigny - Vufflens. All 18 founding members agreed to the statutes of the association. Without to have an ice rink, the members trained initially on ponds or the rink Cheseaux in Saint- CERGUE. 1957 graduated from the club 's first official game in the 3rd league (fifth division), which ended with a 6:9 defeat. 1961 began a committee plans for an ice rink in Morges to develop. The ice rink was finally realized under the name Patinoire des Eaux- Minérales, the same year the club was renamed and henceforth continued as Forward Hockey Club. The inauguration of the new home stadium took place in December 1962. In 1962/ 63, the HC came forward about the rise of the third division playoffs in the play-offs where they beat III La Chaux -de-Fonds. In the following season the club of the walkover succeeded in the first division. 1970, the club was promoted to the National League B, in the Forward Morges was continuously active until relegation in 1978.

The rising cost of the rink forced the club end of the 1970s to action; Finally, the town of Morges the plant owner was. In April 1984, the council granted a loan of CHF 240,000 for the study of a new ice rink. 1990 started with the project. The official opening of the ice rink on 26 September 1992. On 8 January 1993, the club was against second division side St. Croix his first home game, which ended with a 3:7 defeat. 2004, the club was relegated for the second time in its history in the National League B, in which they played in the seasons 2004/ 05 and 2005/ 06, however, had to withdraw for financial reasons from the NLB.

The first team was disbanded; the second team put the game away in the 3rd league operation. 2006, the team rose to the second league in 2011 was the return to the highest amateur league.

Well-known former players

  • Czech Republic Tomáš Kucharčík
  • Canada Martin Gélinas
  • Switzerland Sébastien Reuille