HC Spartak St. Petersburg

The HK Spartak Saint Petersburg ( Russian ХК Спартак Санкт - Петербург ) is a former Russian ice hockey club from Saint Petersburg. The team played until 2007 in the Wysschaja League and contributed their home games at Dworez Sporta Spartak. The club's colors are white and red


The Hockey Division Spartak Leningrad was founded in 1947 and immediately took the game operation in the second gruppa on. 1962, the club was relegated to the Klass A on the highest Soviet league, and rose again in the second league. In this the team remained until the end of season 1964/65, before the Hockey department was dissolved.

The club was revived in 1996 and initially operate mainly young talent. In 1997, a men's team was formed. Third in the Russian league, which was Perwaja League added, First head coach of the team was Gennadi Tsygankov. The first place in the Centre Division Spartak increased in 1998 in the Wysschaja League, the second Russian league on. This is considered the club until the end of the 2006 /07 before it was dissolved. Since then operates the Molodjoschy club Spartak youth work in St. Petersburg.

Season statistics

Known player

  • Roman Olegovich Derljuk (until 2005)
  • Anton Vladimirovich Malyshev (until 2007)
  • Ilya Vladimirovich Dokschin ( 1998 to 2005)
  • Igor Vladimirovich Misko (2004 to 2005)
  • Andrei Alexandrovich Iwanow ( 2003-2005 )
  • Artyom Anatoljevich Woroschilo (until 2006)
  • Konstantin Viktorovich Bogdanowski (2002 to 2005)