HC Thurgau

The HC Thurgau is a Swiss ice hockey club from Weinfelden in the canton of Thurgau.


The HC Thurgau originated from the ( still existing ) clubs EHC Frauenfeld, Kreuzlingen- Konstanz EHC ( EHC before January 2000 Kreuzlingen ) and EHC Weinfelden ( NL handed the license, since SC Weinfelden ). The best players of all Hockey clubs located in the canton of Thurgau should in a single club, the HC Thurgau, play. Background was to be able to offer hockey fans a good local ice hockey team, which plays in the National League. The club was founded in 1989.


The HC Thurgau started in his first season in 1989/90 in the first league, the third-highest ice hockey league in Switzerland. Just two seasons later, the club first league champion and rose to the NLB. There he remained mostly in the front half of the table until the season 2004/05. The club descended into the Amateur League. But already in the next season of revival was done. Against Wil and Dübendorf managed at the title of first - league champions and rose again in the second highest league.

Since February 14, 2008, the HC Thurgau is in new hands. A group of investors around the ZSC Directors and entrepreneur Peter Spuhler took over the HC Thurgau.


Between 1989 and 2000, the HC Thurgau wore its home games in the Güttingersreuti in Weinfelden. In 1997, the Bodensee-Arena in Kreuzlingen was reopened after extensive expansion measures in the HC Thurgau moved 2000. The Bodensee-Arena has a capacity of 4,000 spectators.

On November 1, 2009, the HC Thurgau returned to the renovated ice rink Güttingersreuti back in Weinfelden. The Güttingersreuti has a capacity of 3100 spectators.

1st team NLB 2013/2014

As of December 4, 2013




Well-known former players

  • Switzerland Ronny Keller 2005-2008/2011-2013
  • Switzerland Ralph Ott 1991-1999/2008-2010
  • Canada Todd Elik 2009
  • Switzerland Rolf Schrepfer 1993-1997/2008-2009
  • Switzerland Damien Brunner 2008
  • Switzerland René Stiissi 1995-1997/2004-2007
  • Latvia Harijs Vītoliņš 2001-2005
  • Marc Savard Canada 2004 ( NHL lockout season)
  • Canada Sylvain Turgeon 2001-2002
  • Morgan Samuelsson Sweden 1999-2001
  • Switzerland Marco Buehrer 1999-2000
  • Switzerland Guido Laczko 1994-1997
  • United States Mike Posma 1993-1997
  • Switzerland Markus Lindemann