HC TWK Innsbruck

Master of the National Football League 2011/12

The HC Tyrolean Hydropower Innsbruck - Sharks is an Austrian ice hockey team in Innsbruck (Tyrol ), after three years in the second division is active in the Erste Bank Hockey League again since the 2012/13 season.


The club was re-founded in 1994 as HC Innsbruck and renamed in 1999 with the introduction of weighty sponsor " Tyrolean Hydropower " after this. Since the 2000 /01 season the club was playing in the highest Austrian league and was the first Innsbruck's first division since the exit of the precursor EV Innsbruck, who completed his last Bundesliga season 1992 /93.

Over the years, the team reached the semi-finals several times, but never made it to the finals. Especially in recent seasons, the majority of the squad was often replaced, but this was reflected mainly on the budget. In addition, the team struggled with a weak phase to the end of the main passage, year after year, repeated regularly and culminated in the playoffs. On March 3, 2009, to announce that the HC Innsbruck wanted to leave the Erste Bank Hockey League for financial reasons and stay in the National League.

The inaugural season in the new league was completed with a squad, which consisted mainly of young Tyrolean players, and was successful. The club decided the regular season with seven points ahead of the runner-up EC Dornbirn for themselves. In the final he defeated the Vorarlbergians with 1:3 victories and had to settle for the title of runner- content. Two years later the club for the first time succeeded in winning the second division championship. A short time later it was announced that Innsbruck would return to the top flight.


Cadres of EBEL 2012/13 season

As of August 2012

Champion teams

Goalkeepers: Manuel Litt Erbach, Marco Repitsch, Markus Seidl, Dominique Wolk

Defender: Christoph Hörtnagl, David Lindner, Jamie Mattie, Jonathan Paiement, Florian Pedevilla, Stefan Pittl, Dominique Saringer, Florian Stern, Dominic Waldnig

Attacker: Christoph Echtler, Aaron Fox, Andreas Hanschitz, Mario Huber, Alexander Höller, Rem Murray, Patrick Mössmer, Klemens Pössl, Markus Prock, Benedict Achenbach, Achenbach Valentin, Marc Schoenberger, Max Steinacher, Herbert Steiner

Head Coach: Daniel Naud, Goalie Coach: Claus Dalpiaz

Well-known former players

( Team membership and position in brackets)

  • Claus Dalpiaz (2000-2007, Goalkeeper )
  • Todd Elik (2005-2007, attack)
  • Brad Isbister (2004/ 05, attack)

Coach history


The home games of sharks take place ( venue for the Winter Games in 1964 and 1976 ) at the Olympic Ice Sport Centre Innsbruck. In the great Olympiahalle Innsbruck with approximately 8000 seats, which was renovated for the Ice Hockey World Championship for Men 2005, only particularly important or playoff home games will be played. Usually the sharks play in the 2005 grown smaller hall ( about 3200 seats), which bears the name Tyrolean Hydropower Arena.

Average attendance

  • Season 2003/2004: 1,800 people per home game
  • Season 2004/2005: 3,071 spectators per home game
  • Season 2005/2006: 3,177 spectators per home game
  • Season 2006/2007: 2,579 spectators per home game
  • Season 2007/2008: 2,801 spectators per home game
  • Season 2008/2009: 2,070 spectators per home game