HC Vityaz

  • Promotion to the Super League in 2005

The HK Vityaz (Russian Хоккейный клуб " Витязь " ) is an ice hockey club established in 1996 from Podolsk. He plays in the Kontinental Hockey League ( KHL ). The club colors are white, red and black.


2005 promotion to the Super League. Previously, the club played mainly in the Wysschaja league. The club was founded in Podolsk, but moved in 2000 after Chekhov. The name change to Vityaz Chekhov in 2004. Starting 2000, the club wore their home games at the Ice Palace Vityaz Podolsk out, which was used until 2006 as a venue of HK MVD Balaschicha. In 2004 the Ice Hockey Center Chekhov was opened, which initially offered 1,370 spectators and from then on was the home venue for Vitya. During the season 2007 /08 Hockey Center was expanded to 3,300 seats, but not enough yet to the standards of Super League and KHL.

2013 ran out of the derogations of the KHL for stadiums under 5,500 spectators, so that Vityaz Podolsk returned to in order to play again at the Ice Palace Vityaz.


Squad of the 2013/14 season

Booth: 2013

Well-known former players

  • Koroljuk Alexander (2004-2008)
  • Daniil Markov (2004/ 05)
  • Alexei Schamnow (2004/ 05)
  • Sergei Naumovs (2004/ 05)
  • Boris Mironov (2006/ 07)
  • Sébastien Charpentier (2006/ 07)
  • Andrej Podkonický (2007/ 08)
  • Dimitri Paetzold (2008)
  • Derrick Walser (2008/ 09)