HC is an abbreviation for:

  • Aviaction, former German airline ( IATA code )
  • Station Celle (operating centers)
  • Hamiltonian Circuit, dt hamiltonian
  • Handball Club
  • Hardcore, various meanings
  • Hardcover, books: with hard cover
  • Havana Club, alcoholic beverage
  • Home computer in the GDR
  • Heinz-Christian, first name
  • Hockey club, see Hockey
  • Hors Catégorie, a heavy mountain classification of certain bicycle race
  • Hospitality Club, an online hosted service
  • Hydrocarbons, dt hydrocarbons
  • Hydrocephalus, abnormal enlargement of the liquorgefüllten fluid spaces
  • Coercivity (H ... magnetic field strength, C ... coercivity )
  • Somalia after the ICAO code
  • As H.C. Note on death record in the registers of the civil registry, see HA Note on birth tab and H. B. Note on marriage registers

HC as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: County Central Saxony ( for Hainichen )
  • UK: Bournemouth
  • Netherlands: professional registration for mopeds
  • Norway Elverum in Hedmark
  • Poland: Customs Administration
  • Slovakia: Okres Hlohovec
  • Czech Republic: Honorary Consul

H c. is an abbreviation for:

  • Honoris causa ( Latin for "the honor due "), see also honorary doctorate
  • Hors commerce, abbreviation and h / c (French for " outside of the trade" ), the name for " artist proofs " (also called " artist's proof" or " épreuve d' artiste" ), outside of the actual edition
  • Hermitian conjugate (English Hermitian conjugate ), stands for the Hermitian conjugate of the previous term in a complex mathematical equation.
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