HDD Bled

The HDD Bled (Slovene: Hokejsko drsalno društvo Bled) is a Slovenian ice hockey club from Bled, whose senior team took part in the Slohokej League between 2010 and 2012.


The HDD Bled was founded by Rudi Hiti 2005 and initially operate exclusively young talent. 2010 men's team for the operation of the game Slohokej League has been reported.

Club statistics


The home ground of the club is the built in 1974 Hokejska dvorana Bled. It offers a total of 1736 spectators. In addition to the normal league play and the Rudi - Hiti - Summer Cup will be held each year before the season starts, a preparation tournament for club teams, have participated in which representatives from Slovenia also teams from Austria, France and Switzerland.

Known player

  • Rok Jakopič
  • Anže Terlikar